iReviewNow - the Background Screening Lifeline

iReviewNow is the only patented solution that protects your company from FCRA and EEOC consumer reporting litigation. Once a consumer, applicant, employee, or other subject of a consumer report has authorized you to perform a background investigation, criminal history search, credit inquiry, insurance inquiry, or any other type of consumer report, they reap the following benefits:
  • They are treated with fairness, respect, and complete transparency…the way you would want your best customer to be treated.
  • They are allowed to Accuratize® the report so that you know you are making decisions only after the report has been carefully reviewed and authenticated.
  • They can dispute inaccurate or incomplete information, mitigating, if not eliminating claims of damages or violations of FCRA and EEOC.
  • iReviewNow will instantly notify you (and your background screening provider) when a dispute is made by the consumer, which allows you or your provider to reinvestigate only the disputed information.
  • Unlike other systems, consumers see their report every time, pass or fail. They are not left to question what the report revealed, assume the worst, or worry about possible errors.
  • Until iReviewNow, traditional methods relied on the mail to deliver reports, which limits your ability to make informed decisions and consumers’ capability to correct inaccuracies before adverse decisions are made.
  • iReviewNow is an alternative dispute resolution system. To use the system, the consumer agrees to use iReviewNow has his or her dispute process. Using iReviewNow helps mitigate frivolous claims under all federal and state laws, including the Fair Credit Reporting Act and EEOC, among state and other federal laws or regulations. A powerful benefit to both the employer, user, and individual.
  • Importantly, we do not share the information provided by the consumer or subject to others without his or her consent.
  • iReviewNow helps eliminate claims of damages. iReviewNow was invented to provide real-time access to consumer reports, immediately identify errors, and ensure the accuracy of reports pursuant to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, EEOC, and other state and federal laws, rules, and regulations. iReviewNow is the only solution unique enough to receive a US patent. iReviewNow has single-handedly redefined the standards for compliance and consumer reporting accuracy.

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