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Under Attack! There is no denying that background screening, credit reporting, and consumer reporting agencies (CRAs) are encountering increased scrutiny and skepticism on a daily basis. Class-action lawsuits, EEOC investigations, and multi-million dollar settlements or fines have become the norm. The EEOC, the Federal Trade Commission, the media, and politicians alike want to eliminate background screening and consumer reporting.
  • Claims of inaccuracy
  • Failure of contemporaneous vetting
  • Inability for instant disputes before adverse damages occur
  • Inability for consumer to explain negative information and positive rehabilitation
  • Unfair treatment, FCRA, and EEOC disputes
  • Many clients' confidence erodes with each new headline or federal regulation. iReviewNow was created as the solution to each of the above concerns and, thus, is the only solution unique enough to receive a US patent. iReviewNow has single-handedly redefined the standard used by responsible suppliers and users of consumer reports who seek to mitigate risk while demonstrating complete transparency and a commitment to consumer reporting accuracy.
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    Does iReviewNow have access to my clients?

    NO. Your clients are kept confidential, as you administer iReviewNow. Our contracts give you absolute assurance that as a licensed user of iReviewNow, we will never know the identity of your most valuable assets, your clients.
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    What if we have something similar to iReviewNow?

    As the only patented solution, no other CRA can create a method or system like iReviewNow. iReviewNow won the race preventing any CRA or User to create an automated, online, or email consumer reporting and dispute resolution system. Traditional compliance methods, such as mailing consumer reports, are subject to lawsuits and increased scrutiny, while negatively impacting your profitability and client base.
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    How is iReviewNow different?

    The increasing concern over background or consumer reporting accuracy demands a fair and transparent method with real-time access so that consumers can authenticate or Accuratize® their reports. Consumers, applicants, employees, the courts, regulators, the Fair Credit Reporting Act, and the EEOC have made iReviewNow the de facto standard. iReviewNow eliminates concerns that reports may be incomplete or inaccurate. You have peace of mind that you have mitigated, if not eliminated, any claims over unfair or discriminatory use of your report through iReviewNow’s thorough documentation system. More importantly, using iReviewNow protects your clients from the same issues. Your enterprise joins thousands of other organizations in a movement to treat consumers the way we all expect to be treated and the way the law demands.
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    How does it work?

    When you become a licensed iReviewNow CRA, we grant you, your customers, and all subjects of your CRA or background reports access to iReviewNow. Consumers agree to use iReviewNow to view, Accuratize, or dispute their reports. They receive an automated text and email alert when your report lands at Consumers securely login, authenticate their identity, and then review the entire report to ensure it is accurate. The consumer uses iReviewNow as an alternative dispute system rather than waiting for a mailed copy of their consumer report or notice, which typically arrives long after they were passed over for employment or other consumer purposes. Our system immediately alerts you to claims of inaccuracies so that you can immediately conduct a reinvestigation. Importantly, our system specifically identifies what must be reinvestigated, taking the guess work out of your next steps. Consumers self-accuratize their reports, which along with their complete hold-harmless assurances, keeps you focused on delivering the most accurate and powerful solutions, not defending yourself or your clients from business-ending lawsuits.
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    What are the benefits?

  • You mitigate, if not eliminate all legal claims that can cost you or your clients millions.
  • You demonstrate your commitment to fairness and reporting accuracy.
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    How much does it cost?

    Click on the link for More Information, and you will be surprised how cost effective iReviewNow is. Click here to learn more.
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